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Bright Angel Trail Agave

Bright Angel Trail Agave was my first painting I completed after moving to  Arizona. I was mesmerized by the large array of desert plants in the Southwest. The ability to flourish in our extreme conditions day to day, still has my attention.   Through this painting, I have applied more paint to the canvas to bring out the textures of leaves, petals and thorns that are my inspiration to always look for new subjects along the trail.

DSC_0004 bright angel agave 1.jpg

Up all Night

 "Up all Night" is a prime example of my inspiration to stay fresh and innovative. Creating this large scale flower was a challenge. This cacti is a Night Blooming Cereus, (Queen of the Night) You have to be up early to capture your image before the petals fade to the hot morning sun. 


No Easy Way Out

What can I say? Nobody wants to fall into this Agave. The colors are cool and calm but the thorns are real and sharp.  Their armor is necessary to keep desert animals at bay, especially in drought conditions in the Sonoran Desert. I created this Agave with my Contemporary clients in mind.

No Easy Way Out 2.jpg
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