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Simply to Stare giclee.jpg

Simply to Stare

Simply to Stare was created after a visit to Laguna, Ca.  This painting focuses on a lone seagull viewing the ocean waves crashing on the beach. This bird seemed to be in the moment... didn't mind sharing the beach with me. His actions helped me slow down and reflect on this special chance moment with nature. Through this piece I wanted to give the viewer an excuse to linger a little longer and take in what is presented right before your eyes.

Feel the Calm

I always feel humbled when a friend or client asked me to create a special painting for them.  Vacation memories rally people to keep looking forward to the next adventure in life. The canvas of this size on your wall, 52x48 will  give you the illusion of stepping into the sand footprints If you'd like.

DSC_0054Feel the Calm.jpg
Beach Dollar.JPG

On the Boardwalk

On the Boardwalk is a mix of organic and contemporary.  The angled weathered wood background shadowed by the sand dollar is a quiet piece. No wonder people collect shells from the beach. They display them in shelves, under glass or bowls in their homes. I feel it keeps the ocean close to them.  The soft colors of this canvas make it easy to incorporate into many rooms to compliment the coastal vibe we love.

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